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Yacht Surfing with the Ronix Team from Stohke on Vimeo.

What do you get when you bring a yacht, a couple helicopters, a few waverunners, a couple jokers and some of the most iconic wake athletes in the world together….enjoy.

Thank you to the following for making this happen!

Ronix Wakeboards
Parks Bonifay- Ronix, Mastercraft, and Red Bull Team Rider
Danny Harf- Ronix, Nautique, and Monster Energy Team Rider
Chad Sharpe- Ronix, Malibu Boats, and Rockstar Energy Drink Team Rider
Erik Ruck- Ronix, and Tige Boats Team Rider
Shifted Cinema for delivering the most dynamic aerial shots the world has ever seen!
Bill & Liz Baxter- Owner of the My Lizzy Too yacht
Dave Kelly- Owner of the chopper

Oregon Manifest TEAGUE X Sizemore Bicycle from TEAGUE on Vimeo.


Meet DENNY. TEAGUE X Sizemore Bicycle’s final bike design for Oregon Manifest’s ‘Bike Design Project’, a pioneering design competition that partners five high-level design firms with American bicycle craftsmen to create the Ultimate Urban Utility Bike.

Design Team:
Oliver Mueller
Clement Gallois
John Mabry
Mike Charles
Kay Kim

Video Credit:
Shep Films

Titcoins by Pornhub from Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño on Vimeo.

Introducing Titcoins, the world’s most beloved and safest currency. A whole new market, perfect for offline and online businesses such as nightclubs, college bars, jukeboxes, vending machines, online stores… it may have no limits.
This video campaign is adaptable to other formats: print, outdoor, spot, viral video, digital, radio, direct or social media.
The campaign will include a pilot program in Las Vegas, New Orlean’s Mardi Gras, spring break parties and music festivals.

Because banks can take our money, our businesses or even our homes. But there is something they will never take: our love for titties.

The Offline Glass from Mauricio Perussi on Vimeo.

A creation of the advertising agency Fischer&Friends, the glass that only stands supported by the mobile phone rescues people from the online world and brings them back to the bar chat

Agency: Fischer&Friends
Client: Salve Jorge Bar
CreationGeneral Director: Mario D’Andrea
Creation Director: Beto Rogoski and Sthefan Ko
Copywriter: Melissa Serro Pottker
Art Director: Maurício Perussi
Convergence VP: Pedro Porto
Photographer: Lucio Cunha
Art Buyer: Leo Lopes and Carol Ferreira

Move Mountain from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

Making of video here!

A girl journeys through a vibrant, pulsing, macrocosmic landscape, but a precipitous incident compels her to venture up a mountain in an attempt to save herself. A story about illness, perseverance, and our connection to everything around us.

Directed by Kirsten Lepore
Story/Fabrication/Animation/DP/Editing/Post by Kirsten Lepore

Sound by Kirsten Lepore & Paul Fraser
Music written & performed by Chelsea Lepore & Kirsten Lepore

Character Design Contributions by:
Emily Brundige
Ethan Clarke
Garrett Davis
Laura Jane Favela
Lorenzo Fonda
Jon Gomez
Meejin Hong
Kangmin Kim
Lizzy Klein
Ru Kuwahata
Spencer Ockwell
David OReilly
Quique Rivera Rivera
Michael Please
Sara Pocock
Max Porter
Julia Pott

THE ARK from ANTIVJ is a visual label on Vimeo.

A site specific installation by Romain Tardy and Squeaky Lobster
Proyecta Oaxaca, Ethnobotanical garden of Oaxaca, Mexico

Concept & Visual design by Romain Tardy
Music composed by Squeaky Lobster
Project management & production by Nicolas Boritch

The Ark is a site specific installation, commissioned by and presented during Proyecta Oaxaca, festival de diseño y artes digitales.

The Ark is built around the cacti that line the Aljibe, at the heart of the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca.

Adopting a poetic approach, The Ark gives voice to the garden’s plants, participants in the work, the beating heart of the space and an unpredictable choir.

Telling their story, revealing their fantasised and fantastical character, The Ark is the mise-en-abîme of the trail. A three part audio-visual installation, it unfolds like a movie set in space, in which the wandering spectator plays the role of the camera.

More info at

Proyecta Oaxaca
On the invitation of Proyecta Oaxaca, several artists from the ANTIVJ visual label have devised four visual and sonic works to be installed at the heart of the Ethnobotanical Garden in Oaxaca. Conceived of as a trail of light, these in-situ works offered the chance to (re)discover a singular and magical location in a particularly unique way – by opening the garden to the public at night.

A trail of the senses, in several variations, it also presents spectators the perspective of four artists on this atypical space, in which ancient nature and new technology come face to face, like a distant echo of the ancestral techniques that have allowed for its conservation.

The trail consisted of the following four works:
Onion Skin, by Olivier Ratsi & Thomas Vaquié
The Ark, by Romain Tardy & Squeaky Lobster
3Destruct | Oaxaca, by Yannick Jacquet, Thomas Vaquié & Jeremie Peeters
Réplica, by Laurent Delforge & Thomas Vaquié
All projects managed by Nicolas Boritch.

Proyecta Oaxaca
content director: Manuel Alcala
producer: Samuel Rivera
technical director: Azael Saenz

inFORM - Interacting With a Dynamic Shape Display from Tangible Media Group on Vimeo.

inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way. inFORM can also interact with the physical world around it, for example moving objects on the table’s surface. Remote participants in a video conference can be displayed physically, allowing for a strong sense of presence and the ability to interact physically at a distance. inFORM is a step toward our vision of Radical Atoms:

WWF PARALLAX SEQUENCE from Make Productions on Vimeo.

By manipulating still photos from the WWF archive we created these stunning slow motion shots. We have created a stand alone film by combining the ‘parallax’ shots from 2 existing films produced by AD Hoc Films for WWF.

Producer: Daniel
photographic credits:
Client: Ad Hoc Films for WWF
Music: Snow Patrol “What If This Storm Ends?” (Aaron Static Remix)

Ian Strange: SUBURBAN from Ian Strange [KID ZOOM] on Vimeo.

SUBURBAN is a multi-faceted photography, film and installation exhibition created by artist Ian Strange. Over a two-year period Strange worked with a film crew and volunteers in Ohio, Detroit, Alabama, New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire to create, photograph and film eight site-specific interventions incorporating suburban homes. The recording of these interventions through film and photographic documentation forms the basis of a new solo exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria on July 26 and a short-film which will be released in late 2013.

27 JUL 2013 – 15 SEP, 2013
The Ian Potter Centre:
NGV Australia at Federation Square
NGV Studio, Ground Level

Video Credits:
Produced by Amelia Phillips
Music composed by Marc Philip Earley
Interview shot and sound record by Daniel Gallagher
Grade and additional editing by Dominic Pearce
BTS footage shot by Chris Hersey, Miriam Bennet, Jessie Sara English, Jedda Andrews, Dan Gutt and Ian Strange
Shot in Ohio, Detroit, New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey, 2011-2013

Selected photographic work from ‘SUBURBAN’;
‘Harvard Road’
Ian Strange 2012
archival digital print
Collection of the artist, New York
© Ian Strange

Selected footage from ‘SUBURBAN’ - Multi-Channel video loop and short-film;
Artist / Director: Ian Strange
Produced by Jedda Andrews, Neena Litton
Co-Produced by Jessie Sara English
Director of Photography: A. Clint Litton
2nd Unit Director: Dan Gutt
Production Designer: Ethan Gutt
Time Lapse Photography by Dan Gutt
Post Production and Colorist: Dominic Pearce
‘SUBURBAN’ unabridged credits available on or on film and projects full release.

For more information visit